Try Our New Tea Selection by Mighty Leaf

We're always aiming to please our guests. Recently we introduced a new tea selection by Mighty Leaf, a flavorful tea brand that specializes in whole leaf teas.  Mighty Leaf's whole leaf teas feature larger, bolder leaves – never broken, torn or crushed. We chose Mighty Leaf because their whole leaf teas provide a complex, nuanced taste that you just don’t get from leaves that have been crushed or broken. Only whole leaves deliver the full flavor and aroma essential for the ultimate multi-sensory tea experience. Also, the teas come in artisan hand-stitched pouches! Fancy!

We now offer eight different varieties of Mighty Leaf whole leaf teas: 

Green Tea Tropical: smooth green tea leaves blended with sweet tropical fruits.

Organic African Nectar: naturally caffeine free organic African rooibos (also known as red bush) blended with tropical fruit and blossoms. Promotes calm and relaxation.

Organic Earl Grey: rich organically grown black tea leaves and golden buds with a twist of citrusy organic bergamot

Organic Breakfast: robust blend of premium organic black tea leaves from Assam and Southern India, punctuated with a hearty finish (also available in decaf).

Chamomile Citrus: made with soothing Egyptian chamomile flowers and subtle slices of citrus fruit

Vanilla Bean: a deep blend of Ceylon and China black teas with vanilla

Organic Mint Melange: the finest organic mint loose leaf leaves from the lush Middle Atlas Mountain range in Morocco.

Organic Hojicha Green: made of organic bancha tea, a mixture of pan-fired and slow roasted loose leaf green tea leaves that yield a rich, nutty brew